Date: 24 - 25 October, 2013
City: Pilsen, Czech Republic
Venue: Multicultural center Guru Village

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Judit Bagi 
University of Pécs, Hungary
The Political Representation of Women in Rwanda Today 


Jasna Balorda
University of Leeds, UK
Modernity of Rwandan genocide

Daniel Carvalho
Relações Internacionais, Universidade Federal de Pelotas
From traditional to failed state: a three-level assessment on the African state

Emilia Debska and Coro J-A Juanena
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 
Women struggle for land access in Uganda. Is returning to the customary law in Uganda the best solution? Land Act from 1998: its consequences and application

Ayodeji Ige
Modernity in Africa: The Imperative of Cultural Determinism?

Leo Igwe & Idris Riahi
University of Bayreuth, Germany
Contesting the Modernity of Witchcraft in Northern Ghana


Albert Kasanda
Center for African Studies, Brussels
African Solidarity and Modernity. Today's Challenges and Perspectives

Thwadi Komane
Development Studies Department, University of South Africa
The African Tradition vs. Western Modernity Conundrum in Post Apartheid South Africa: A Case of the Traditional Courts Bill

Daniel Künzler
University of Fribourg
Militiamen – a new figure of success or a form of (dis-)continuous patrimonialism?

Julius Lambi and Claudius Anyangwe Fombang
The Global Fund, Geneva Switzerland
Geneva School of Diplomacy, Switzerland
Two Chiefs one Throne: An Analysis of the Oshie Chieftaincy Crisis in Cameroon

Júlia Lampášová
Metropolitan University Prague
The present and past of HIV/AIDS in Africa

Rubinkowska hanna
University of Warsaw
Borders between traditional and modern as reflected in “Memorable Things” by Mahteme Sillasie Welde Mesk’el – an Ethiopian book on the Empire


Schoefberger irene
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg 
Strategies for the future in four rural communities of Senegal and the role of representations of Africa and the West

Ahmad Attahiru Sifawa
Sokoto State University, Nigerie
Prospects and challenges of Traditional medical practitioners in the face of growing modern healthcare services in contemporary Northern Nigeria-West Africa

Radim Tobolka
University of Hradec Králové, CZ
Political campaigning in sub-Saharan Africa: the power of proximity?

Vít Zdrálek
Charles University, Prague
Choir and social club on the suburban train: Creating a sense of solidarity among black South African train commuters

Petr Skalník
University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
Political culture as a bridge between tradition and modernity in Africa

Petr Zima
On the roots of current areal and disciplinary pitfalls in African studies

Alemayehu Kumsa
The re-emergence of the Berber identity from the shadow of Arab nationalism in North West Africa

Vladimír Klíma
West African Myths Reconsidered


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