Date: 18 - 19 October, 2012
City: Hradec Králové
Venue: University of Hradec Králové

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Keynote speaker

Georg Klute (University of Bayreuth, Germany):
African Political Actors in "Ungoverned" Spaces


Julius Lambi (Austria):
Progressive Change: How Civil Society Organizations in Africa Can Foster Good Governance


Jenifer Joel-Obado (Nigeria):
The FOI Bill: Actors, Interests and Policy Process in Nigeria


Alemayehu Kumsa (Czech Republic):
The South Sudan Long Struggle for Independence and Its Implication for Africa


Veronika Kuthanová (Czech Republic), Stephen Atalebe:
Socio-Cultural Factors that Determine Political Leadership in Africa: A Case study of Ghana


Petr Skalník (Czech Republic):
War and Peace in Africa: Local Conflict and the Weak State


Limm Josefson Asplund (Sweden):
The Political Roles of First Ladies: Applying Watson´s Theory on the Nigerian Context


Nengak Daniel Gondyi (Sweden):
The Diaspora as Actors in Contemporary African Politics: Prospects and Challenges in the Nigerian Political System


Elizabeth Gschaider (Austria):
The Influence of Refugees´ Feedback on the Country-of-Origin (COI)


Veronica Usacheva (Russia):
Russia´s „Soft Power" in Africa: The Tool for Effective Foreign Policy


Marcin Nowik (Poland):
India´s Emerge in Africa Political Economic Consequences


Kateřina Werkman (Czech Republic):
The International Criminal Court in Africa: A Global Justice Champion or a Political Actor?


Mari Kervinen (Finland):
Explaining the HIV pandemic in Africa –Global and Local points of view


Júlia Lampášová (Slovakia): 
Michel Sidibe: A Breath of Fresh Air for the UNAIDS Commitment to Sub-Saharan Africa?


Bereket Abayneh Kefyalew (Denmark):
Large Scale Land Deals and Food Security: the Case of Ethiopia


Albert Kasanda (Belgium):
Congolese Modern Music and Politics: Luambo Makiadi Franco: A Political Actor?


Olga Veselovskaya (Russia):
Barakah as a Basis of the Authority of Muslim Leaders in Senegal


Anna Siim (Russia):
Creole Dialects in Social and Artistic Life of Zanzibar


Frida Lynga (Sweden):
Un-African? Representations of Homosexuality in Two Contemporary Nigerian Films


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