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University of Hradec Králové

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Metropolitan University Prague
Czech Association of African Studies
(Associated member of Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies) 


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Theme: Africa on the Move: Shifting Identities, Histories, Boundaries
Venue: University of Hradec Králové
Date: 10-11 November 2017

Mobility and migration flow as a red thread through the history of Africa. African people have migrated in response to demographic, economic, and political factors, including environmental disasters and conflicts. New geopolitical constellations not only opened up new channels for venturing abroad in order to gain knowledge and experiences but also prompted groups and individuals to escape the grip of authoritarian regimes, environmental crises, or poverty and the general lack of prospects.

The aim of VA 2017 is to shed more light on the complex dynamics of African mobility. In particular, the conference aims to explore current trends and the overlooked aspects of migration and mobility in Africa, such as the impact of mobility on places, people, identities, borders, and citizenship. The conference will discuss three major types of migration: internal (domestic and cross-border) movements of people within the continent; movement from the outside into the continent; and movement away from the continent. Even though globalisation typically implies mobility, not all citizens in Africa are mobile. Thus, the topic also includes perspectives of immobile societies, groups, and individuals.

We welcome contributions from diverse academic perspectives exploring the factors that prompted migration and forms of mobility specific to precolonial, colonial and postcolonial Africa; the role of rural-urban migration in transforming African societies; the interactions between transnational mobility, resource transfers, and internal migration, among others. By exploring the motivations, ideologies, practices, collective strategies, and individual trajectories of mobility, and by bringing to light struggles for social transformation currently taking place in Africa, we hope to challenge stereotypes and contribute to the repositioning of how Africa is represented globally.


Please, send your abstract of max. 300 words before 30 June 2017 to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Successful papers will be selected by the conference academic committee:

Vlastimil Fiala (University of Hradec Králové), Hana Horáková (Metropolitan University Prague), Josef Kandert (Charles University), Kateřina Mildnerová (Palacky University), Linda Piknerova (West Bohemian University), Jan Prouza (University of Hradec Králové), Petr Skalník (University of Hradec Králové), Kateřina Werkman (Charles University), Vít Zdrálek (Charles University).


Selected papers are going to be reviewed and published in a collective monograph. For that purpose, authors would be asked to submit their full‐length papers (via the above-mentioned e¬mail address) by February 1, 2018. The conference academic committee will review the submitted full‐length papers and make their selection for the publication.


There are no conference fees but the participants are expected to cover their accommodation and travel expenses in full. The organizers will provide information about suitable lodging, its reservation, optimal travel routing and general local conditions in Hradec Králové.


Viva Africa – International Conference on African Studies

31 March 2017, Organizing committee

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